Who is CTCB?

Headquartered in Singapore, Counter Terrorism Certification Board (CTCB) is recognized as a leader in high-quality, accredited credentialing for Counter terrorism and security professionals. CTCB establishes standards and certifies competency criteria in professional Counter terrorism practice.

With the plethora of institutions out there offering training and online courses, choosing the right certification body, that will offer credible, qualitative certification services can be a challenge. By choosing an accredited certification body, such as the CTCB, you can rest assured that you’ll be in compliance with the best practices in the field, and at global standards.

Professionals who pursue a CTCB certification credential will benefit from being trained according to best practices and being exposed to the newest and most current information and developments in the industry from a trusted body. As CTCB has undergone rigorous examination and audits by some of the strictest and most reputable accreditation bodies in the world, you can be assured that your certification will be recognized in both domestic and overseas markets.

Our Mission

To foster terrorism awareness by increasing the current-day counterterrorism standard among security and law enforcement professionals.

History of CTCB

Counter Terrorism Certification Board was founded in 2013. Due to the rising threat of terrorism worldwide Our founders saw the need for standardization and certification in the Counter terrorism industry. Since then, our founders and members have been shaping the Counter terrorism profession.

Certification Programs

You work in a world where you always have to stay one step ahead. So do we. We were honored to be the first Counter terrorism certifying body to meet the requirements of ANSI/ISO/IEC Standard 17024.

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