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Keep your skillset relevant with a range of continuing, professional and executive education webinars and workshops offered by CTCB. Whether you’re looking to upskill, expand your knowledge or take the next step in your career, our professional engaging webinars and workshops will help unlock your potential so you can thrive in a continuously evolving world. Please check back regularly for our upcoming webinars and workshops.

Blockchain Investigation – an insight into following the trail behind every Blockchain transaction

As the use of blockchain for high frequency transactions including the transfer of digital assets such cryptocurrency intensifies around the globe, naturally the occurrence of blockchain related crime will increase.
This seminar aims to explore the actual workings of a blockchain transaction and to provide insights into following the trail of breadcrumbs by piecing together pseudonymous data along with various blockchain investigative techniques to combat nefarious or illicit activities.
In addition, the speaker will share his experience on the use of proven methodologies, blockchain analytics & visualization tools and various online & offline resources to usher your understanding into the era of blockchain investigation.
This specially designed seminar, taught by the instructor with over 20 years of extensive consulting experience in technology risk management, cyber forensics, e-Discovery, data analytics and financial crime investigation in Asia. the instructor is a leading e-discovery expert and digital forensics investigator who provides expert testimonies in both the courts of Singapore and Malaysia.

Kidnap Risk Overview and Role of the KRE Negotiator

Date & Time: 16 November 2021, 4pm-6pm

Kidnapping is a multi-billion dollar business and is now appearing more frequently and in more locations throughout the world. As organisations continue to grow their global operations, companies in all industries and of all sizes face a greater risk that employees, executives, board members or their dependants, will fall victim to a kidnapping, extortion or detention incident.

This type of event not only threatens the life of the individual, but it may affect the morale of the workforce and opens the door to significant financial losses. During this seminar we will cover:

  • Planning, Strategy and Implementation of the Hostage Negotiation
  • Overview of the kidnap risk
  • Victim profiling and selection
  • The role of the KRE negotiator
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